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Free download Ultimate Ediabas/ISTA+ voltage control V3

Le 18 novembre 2017, 12:59 dans Humeurs 0

I (@Node) made a small utility suite which allows manual control of voltages which Ediabas sees from the interface such as OBD or CAN. It also includes additional ISTA+ support so it should work with ISTA as well. It’s not dependent on INPA or ISTA versions and should work with any version of INPA, ISTA+ and others as well as it integrates between ediabas and cable driver and is completely transparent to high level software. Additional support for BMW ICOM Software should work with any modern version as long as internal code will not change much. My aim is to make it so all ABLs and other procedures work flawlessly.

The link to the suite

Version 2.0!AF4TSJqI!NKyh6SWwFIL5eVKd_rSCKYN0NtOO_Br4HyTT0T3yv30

Version 2.0 of this tool has been released. New features:
1. It now checks the actual interface type setting in ISTA during runtime, so if you switch from Ediabas to ICOM it will stop interfering and resume operation as soon as interface type is set back to Ediabas.
2. It now supports K+DCAN cables which have an ability to detect clamp states (probably most higher quality cables). To use this feature control application should be closed. It will then read actual clamp states and update ISTA voltage states accordingly without any manual actions required. Starting control application will switch the operation to manual control. Closing it will resume automatic recognition.

Version 3.0:!UNgglapB!JCM5lLUrnoPrJYgp0zFh-d5V8e48uN27AOOjfwmGkdI

Version 3.0 of this tool has been released. New features:
1. Control application can now be minimized.
2. Support for ISTA+ v4.05 (and hopefully above).

System requirements:

Visual Studio 2015 x86 runtime must be installed (same as required for last versions of ISTA+).


Installation instructions:
1. Go to Ediabas folder. For INPA its normally C:EdiabasBin, for ISTA+ its in EdiabasBin folder with ISTA+ directory.
1. If you are using STD:OBD rename existing obd32.dll to obd32.ebas.dll. Users of other cable types rename respective dll (for example STD:CAN users rename can32.dll to can32.ebas.dll).
2. Extract the downloaded file.
3. Copy included obd32.dll to EdiabasBin. For other cable types rename it to respective name first (for example can32.dll).
4. For ISTA+ only: copy included NodeISTAVoltageControl.dll to EdiabasBin folder within ISTA+ installation.
5. For ISTA+ v4.05 (and above) only:
a) replace existing IstaOperation.exe within ISTA+’s TesterGUIBinRelease folder by included one (from respective folder based on ISTA+ version).
b) run included AllowFakeISTAOperation.reg file (choose x86 or x64 depending on your system being 32 or 64 bit respectively).

To manually control the voltage start included NodeEdiabasVoltageControl.exe application. This application can be placed in a different folder if wanted. Voltage can be adjusted by moving sliders or switched off using check boxes. Unchecking check box has the same effect as moving slider to 0V.

P.S. This voltage control utility is not designed to and will not influence voltages reported by BMW ICOM A3.
P.P.S. This utility works without any issues with original ISTA+, standalone not necessary.

How to test Clone transponder ID name and Make CS Key with VVDI2

Le 8 novembre 2017, 09:52 dans Humeurs 0

Question before entering:

BCM PQ25 Max3 H81 074

Tried to make just glass chip to car with VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer, could not start vehicle, I guess that should of been clue it was not possible instead of trying to order proper key…

Kessey is PQ35 maybe not possible yet.

Address 25: Immobilizer (J334) Labels:| 5K0-920-xxx-25.clb
Part No SW: 5K0 953 234 HW: 5K0 953 234
Component: IMMO H02 1104
Serial number:
Coding: 000007
Shop #: WSC 00066 790 00318
ASAM Dataset: EV_Immo_UDS_VDD_RM09 A03710
ROD: EV_Immo_UDS_VDD_RM09_VW21.rod
VCID: 6A980AC98D993C1634-803E

Address 2B: Steer. Col. Lock (J764) Labels:| 5K0-905-861.clb
Part No SW: 5K0 905 861 D HW: 5K0 905 861 D
Component: ELV-PQ35 H22 0240
Revision: 00000000 Serial number: 16000092728010
Coding: 4900000000000000
Shop #: WSC 00066 790 00318
ASAM Dataset: EV_ELVMarquMPVW36X A01001
VCID: 312ADDA560CF8FCE35-8064

Address 17: Instruments (J285) Labels:| 5K0-920-xxx-17.clb
Part No SW: 5C6 920 976 D HW: 5C6 920 976 D
Component: KOMBI H02 1104
Serial number: 00000000000000
Coding: 221A010000
Shop #: WSC 00066 790 00318
ASAM Dataset: EV_Kombi_UDS_VDD_RM09 A05733
ROD: EV_Kombi_UDS_VDD_RM09_004_VW25.rod
VCID: 3326D7AD9AD3BDDE47-8066

Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels:. 7E0-937-BCM-V1.clb
Part No SW: 7E0 937 190 B HW: 7E0 937 190
Component: BCM PQ25 Max3 H81 0744

Address 05: Acc/Start Auth. (J518) Labels:| 5K0-959-434.clb
Part No SW: 5K0 959 434 G HW: 5K0 959 434
Component: VWKESSYPQ35GP 092 1305
Revision: 00092000 Serial number: 0405857797
Coding: 032C0C
Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00293
ASAM Dataset: EV_KESSYPQ35G A02717
VCID: 393AE585B8BF478E8D-806C

I am able to log into Cluster, I am able to pre code, but can not start car with chip made.

Xhorse expert solution:

Test Clone transponder ID name and make cs Auto Key Programmer

Test copy ID transponder in “transponder programmer” and next in “VVDI PROG Programmer” cluster options “make dealer key”



How To used Xtool X100 Pad2 Read Peugeot 206 2012 Pin Code

Le 5 novembre 2017, 06:48 dans Humeurs 0

Guide to read BSI Pin Code on a Peugeot 206 2012 year with Xtool X100 Pad 2 key programmer.

Tools need:

Xtool X100 Pad2 tablet car key programmer

Xtool EEPROM adapter

Connect X100 Pad2, eeprom adapter and bsi 95160 CPU chip



Select Read Pin Code


Select EEPROM adapter


Make sure the eeprom adapter is connected and powered on, the status indicator turns on


select car brand: Peugeot->206->BSI 95160




select V1 or V2

If have communication failed error, select another option or try again


Save data


Xtool X100 Pad 2 reading Puegot 206 pin code from BSI success.


Voir la suite ≫