Open the hood and remove the battery negative cable from the driver’s side strut tower by using a wrench.MB SD compact 4 Isolate the cable end so it will not contact any metal. To be safe, allow 10 minutes for the circuits to go to sleep before proceeding.


Locate the PCM on the driver’s side between the radiator support and the strut tower. Remove the bolts securing it to the mounting bracket by using a socket.


Push the arm locks down on each wire connector and pull the connector straight out of the PCM. Remove the PCM from the car.


Install the new PCM. Make sure the mileage and VIN number are first programmed into the PCM. There is a school of thought that static electricity from clothing or the weather is sufficient to harm a PCM.XPROG V5.70 Whether this is accurate or not, there is no reason to test the validity of these comments so just lean against the car and touch a finger to the engine block to dissipate any possible static electrical charge. Better safe than sorry.


Position the PCM so the electrical connectors can be installed. Be careful to first make sure to install the right one in the right slot by comparing the hole and number of pins. Push each connector in gently and completely straight to prevent any of the pins from becoming bent.VAG COM 17.1 Flip the lower arm up to lock them in place.


Position the PCM on the bracket and install the bolts. Install the negative battery cable to the stud on the shock tower.