Resetting the check-engine light on your Toyota car needs to be done after you've finished fixing your Toyota car. The check-engine light only comes on when there is a problem with the vehicle's emissions system or other system components of your Toyota car. Replacement parts can normally be purchased at any auto-parts store. To reset the check-engine light,OBDSTAR Scanner you can use a special tool, also available from any auto-parts store, called an onboard diagnostic scan (OBD) tool. This tool is the only tool capable of reading the trouble codes and then clearing the Toyota car trouble codes by connecting directly to the computer.

Open the hood of your Tundra.

Locate the black,BMW ICOM A3 Pro+ negative terminal of the battery marked with a "-" sign.

Use a pair of pliers to unhook the negative battery cable by removing the nut that holds the cable in place.

Wait five minutes for the truck's computer to fully shut down and be ready for a hard restart.

Reconnect the negative battery cable to the negative terminal and secure it with the nut.Launch X431

Start your Tundra and verify that the light is off.