Like most vehicles, any Dodge Minivan produced after 1988 has an electronic control unit (ECU) designed to digitally manage numerous engine functions and display error codes when a problem occurs.BMW EWS Editor When the ECU itself malfunctions or fails to clear an error code in a timely manner, a manual reset will restore it to a fresh state.

Access the Dodge's battery. Depending on the year and model, you may have to open a battery box or remove a plastic cover. Identify the negative battery terminal, which is black and marked with a negative symbol.

Remove the nut from the connected cable using a wrench, taking care not to allow it to fall into the engine bay. Wiggle the cable free from the battery and set it aside.

Press the horn for several seconds to use up any remaining power in the system.

Reconnect the battery, tightening the nut until the cable is no longer free to move.delphi ds150e Replace the battery cover if applicable, and start the engine. The ECU is now reset, and any error lights on the dash will no longer illuminate.